Things are going on in the garden

All gardens need a tidy up- removing the broad bean plants that have finished producing beans. We’ll replace them with something else.
We use biological pest control in our garden. The nasturtium plants provide flowers to attract pollinators and also attract green fly and black fly keeping them away from our vegetables. Then we have visiting ladybirds 🐞 who come to remove the flies!

Update from the “field”

For those of you who haven’t been down to the church recently, the plants in our raised beds are doing really well as you can see from some of the pictures

Some carrot seedlings just coming up
Our onion plants well on their way
The broad bean plants from the seeds you sowed in December are in flower now. That means there’ll be some beans on the way.
A bee has come to pollinate the flowers while he’s searching for nectar to make honey
Also if your sweet pea is big enough it’s time for everyone to plant them out in your garden. Make sure there’s something close by to support them. They have little special leaves called tendrils to help the to climb up a trellis or stick or even another plant to help them grow tall enough.

Our plants are starting to grow…

Broad beams planted by the kids are out already
Snowdrops in bloom too

Whilst we been away some of the plants and flowers in our raised garden are starting to show signs of life. Thanks to Ciara we also have some more seedlings on their way.

Mothers Day Cards

Here are some of the cards and crafts made by members of JAM Club over the weekend to celebrate Mothers Day. We hope all you Mums were especially pampered by your children during these uncertain times!

Tour of the church

Jam Club had a great time touring All Saints’ Church. Thanks to all our tour guides for helping make this possible. Also a special thanks to the Mother’s Union who hosted a coffee morning during our tour!

Preparing for our Easter animation

This week JAM Club have started work on our Easter stop motion animation entitled “A Play about God’s Love” which will premiere at the Easter Sunday Service All of the younger children were involved in making Plasticine models whilst some of the older kids took turns at shooting some of the initial scenes for the play.

God is Love

“I liked making the cookie” – Ruby Finnegan

This week we had our first Messy Church of the year the theme of which was “God is Love”. The kids got involved in all sorts of crafts and activities that celebrated this theme including decorating heart shaped cookies, making fortune pickers and Valentine cards. After a short service in the church we shared in a communal supper of chili, jacket potatoes and pasta.

The “Beeatitudes”

This Sunday, we learn all about the Sermon on the Mount and the Beeatitudes…

‘I liked doing the bee colouring, we learned it’s a good idea to be kind to each other’ – Molly King

All about Cystic Fibrosis

This week we had a talk about Cystic Fibrosis from Sam who works in Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. There is a 1 in 4 chance that a child will get Cystic Fibrosis if both their parents have the Cystic Fibrosis gene. The symptoms for the condition are that the lungs have mucus that is really thick and bacteria gets in and they have to take pills. Cystic Fibrosis is a very rare condition but more people than usual have it in Ireland 

Fiona Lee