JAM Club Nativity 2021

As is has not been possible for us to perform our nativity play in the church this year, we have put together a video of it instead. We hope you enjoy and look forward to meeting together again in 2022. Merry Christmas!

Messy Harvest Church

As restrictions continue to lift, we are happy to announce that Messy Church will be back at All Saints on Sunday 26th September with a harvest themed afternoon of crafts and activities. This will be followed by our first JAM Club meeting on the 3rd October at the new morning service time of 9:30am

All Saints Virtual Easter Egg Hunt 2021

This Easter we will be going virtual with our Easter Egg hunt in the grounds of All Saints’ Church and we have a Easter Egg up for grabs to three lucky winners who can find all eight Easter Eggs.

To enter, click on the picture below to enter the virtual Easter Egg Hunt.

The eight eggs have been placed around the church and all you have to do is hover or click over the egg to reveal a hidden clue. If the eggs are hard to see, try clicking on the two arrows in the bottom right corner to maximise the screen

Collect all eight clues and click on the link to the entry form and fill in the answers.

Entry Form

The draw for the winners will take place on Friday 2nd April and we will notify the winners and try to get them their prize in time for Easter Sunday.

Good Luck!

The JAM Club Team

Things are going on in the garden

All gardens need a tidy up- removing the broad bean plants that have finished producing beans. We’ll replace them with something else.
We use biological pest control in our garden. The nasturtium plants provide flowers to attract pollinators and also attract green fly and black fly keeping them away from our vegetables. Then we have visiting ladybirds 🐞 who come to remove the flies!

Update from the “field”

For those of you who haven’t been down to the church recently, the plants in our raised beds are doing really well as you can see from some of the pictures

Some carrot seedlings just coming up
Our onion plants well on their way
The broad bean plants from the seeds you sowed in December are in flower now. That means there’ll be some beans on the way.
A bee has come to pollinate the flowers while he’s searching for nectar to make honey
Also if your sweet pea is big enough it’s time for everyone to plant them out in your garden. Make sure there’s something close by to support them. They have little special leaves called tendrils to help the to climb up a trellis or stick or even another plant to help them grow tall enough.

Our plants are starting to grow…

Broad beams planted by the kids are out already
Snowdrops in bloom too

Whilst we been away some of the plants and flowers in our raised garden are starting to show signs of life. Thanks to Ciara we also have some more seedlings on their way.